who we are



NCC-JEDRO Mission Statement


To share in the prayers and fruits of eccumenical support activities

in response to the East Japan Great Disaster.




The National Christian Council - Japan Ecumenical Disaster Response Office (NCC-JEDRO) is established as a response of the NCCJ to the triple disaster following the massive earthquake of March 11, 2011.  Manifesting the unity of the Church of Jesus Christ, JEDRO seeks to be a tangible and visible sign of hope for the people in Japan, especially the survivors, through active engagement in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction, and advocacy for alternative, safe and environmentally-sound renewal energy, It will also address the spiritual and psychological trauma of a devastated nation that thirsts for an ethical, responsive and compassionate government. Seeking to demonstrate God’s love for all people in Japan, JEDRO will work closely with the NCCJ member organizations by supporting their existing or future activities. Recognizing the enormity of the challenge and the necessity of an effective response for the long haul, JEDRO welcomes the solidarity of international ecumenical and church agencies, as well as the partnership of interested organizations in Japan.

JEDRO is established with the strong encouragement and support of the ecumenical movement, especially the Churches Forum in North East Asia of the Christian Conference of Asia. JEDRO collaborates with ACT Alliance and the worldwide ecumenical movement and welcomes new partnerships in Japan and abroad.