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NCC-JEDRO supports Tohoku HELP.

What is Tohoku HELP?

Tohoku HELP began as a Christian response to the disaster. It builds on the initial work of the Sendai Christian Alliance Disaster Relief Network. Since June it has evolved into an inter-faith organization with active participation of Buddhist organizations. It has been engaged in relief activities from March 18th: coordinating the response of international NGOs and churches in the disaster. It also collaborated with the government, regional communities and other religious groups. 
Tohoku HELP is also involved in starting another project called Care of the Heart.  It comprises counseling by telephone, a “traveling café" to access communities and make it easier for survivors to take advantage of the services, a regular 25-minute FM radio program involving celebrities and religious leaders and special public lectures and seminars that address the needs of the survivors. 


Visions of Tohoku HELP

1.Integrating mission and support based on listening and be sensitive to the feelings of survivors. 
2.Relief activities shall not be for the purpose of direct evangelism.
3.A new opportunity for church organizations in Japan to contribute concretely to the rebuilding of the region, gain the trust of the government and become trusted advocates of the people. 
4.Demonstrate compassion through providing needed goods.
5.Build a relationship of long-term trust with the people who come for emergency goods.
6.Bear witness to God’s love for all people.


Role of Tohoku HELP

Comprehensive Coordination Function – Using the strengths of local churches 
1.,Serve as a channel for donations, support relief goods, people, information, etc.
2.Serve as a channel for mutual support center requests and adjustments
3.Serve as a channel for making requests for foreign aid

Direct Management Function– Implementing a direct management center locally
1.Carrying out the business with an understanding of local needs.
2.Smooth flow of communication with other centers

Inter-denominational Center – Providing support for organizations already operating
1.Support churches and denominations that are carrying out long-term support projects so they can perform even more efficiently.
2.Provide support for churches and denominations upon their request to coordinate funding, people, information, relations with government offices and other local institutions, etc., within an understanding of the center concept.
3.Churches (and other organizations) involved will sign a simple agreement, exchange information and conduct collaborative exchanges, etc.

Now Tohoku help launches the “Grand House” Centers Project which JEDRO strongly supports and enforces.


Strategy of “Grand House” Centers

Several Centers will be built in strategic locations around Tohoku using local resources and expertise.  JEDRO will

Facilitate and coordinate the program of establishing “Grand Houses” throughout the Tohoku region.
1.Establish “Grand House” Centers which will serve as: 
2.Warehouse for goods still needed by evacuees.
3.Counseling site where an on-site “chaplain” will be available to talk with those coming to pick up goods from the warehouse.
4.Support the local social workers to continue to serve the immediate and longer term needs of persons, especially with the elderly, disabled, and others needing special care such as separated families in:
Evacuation centers.  
Temporary housing.  
Those remaining in their own housing (even though partially damaged), etc


Role of “Grand House” Centers

The “Grand House” Centers are based on a concept of Church as a connecting link with the local community. It will cooperate with NGOs and other organizations and each center will function as an open and welcoming space for the local community.

NCC-JEDRO walks along with suffering Tohoku people through Tohoku HELP!



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